Customizing A $300,000 Present For People In Need! (Giveaway) | ZHC

This video meant a lot to me and i’m going to lose a lot of money on this video too but your support allows me to do incredible things like this for others ❤️
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you might get picked to win custom apple products, custom cars, and even custom houses!
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  • Subscribe and I might be sending you some custom gifts! This giveaway is international and literally all you have to do is subscribe! It's free and it helps me do more nice things for others! SUBSCRIBE! :)

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  • I live in South Africa

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  • Your so kind to the ineed people out there Who don't have those stuff

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  • And u got to be Santa please and I wish I would get those lectranics

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  • Can I please have a Mac book pro my sister is going to collage and she really really whants it but my mum couldn’t get it

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  • Bro i think your one of the nicest person on KGcode your awsome

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  • Michelle was mean before

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  • Asian mr beast. Like actually your personality and content format is nearly identical

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  • Heyy Zack im the biggest fan and i like it ween the satisfying part coms and i give all your video’s a big thums up

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  • You Are so nice i dont know How you Are so good in your Heart

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  • Can you give me 5 11 pro please my name is hoor

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  • I was so happy for that woman that got that house

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  • I want some TOYSSS😂 if you're gonna buy it for me and come to the country of indonesia i'm gonna make you a SUPER hard work Handmade GIFT moree harder than i've ever made. And don't you know i'm actually a creative kid but all my creations are all so hard so if you give me toys i'm going to challenge myself to make a harderr handcraft

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  • Big fan from india

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  • Are you guys clear coating the items after all that nice paint? would be a shame if they were to get scratched up. God bless you and your team for doing such great work and giving to people.

  • I love you

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  • Wow you're so cool 💕 And You have a great heart!

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  • "Are these new?" "No"-😳💀

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  • Bro your's works are awesome really appreciate it plssssssss give me one of this really love this

  • You are my favourite KGcoder

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  • I wish I had a house

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  • I like how you just keep on giving things / money to those in need. May god bless you.

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  • There are probably no phones left I’m a few months late I only discovered this amazing KGcode account today and I love it!!!!!! I love the team and you’re all amazing 🤩💚

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  • Hi ZHC I am from your big fans and I really like your Chanel Thanks

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  • I don’t subscribe to zhc Bc he might give something away I do it bc he’s rlly inspiring I started art Bc of him zhc u the best❤️❤️❤️

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  • I died when viv ( correct me if I am wrong) said shes on santas naughty list

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    Kalcey ReyesKalcey Reyes2 күн мурун
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